Develop Skills

DISCOVER helps you use the internet and digital technologies to enhance your caring role.It brings together some of the best and most relevant information available on the web into one central place to save you time and effort.

What DISCOVER offers

Different levels of activities to suit different competencies and learning whether you're a beginner, intermediate or experienced computer user.

  • All resources have been evaluated by professionals so you can be assured of their quality. Topics include dementia, stroke, heart disease, assistive technologies, finance and much more
  • Bitesize learning that include games, simulations and interactive video that you can dip in and out of at your convenience
  • Techniques, fun activities and quizzes to get your brain into tip-top shape as well as test your knowledge and learning

How to make your skills count

As part of the Skills Zone, carers can also build an online portfolio that will enable you to record the wide range of knowledge, skills and experience that you are gaining through your caring role.

The e-Portfolio Pack will allow you capture and evidence your achievement, which can then be used in different situations, including seeking employment during or beyond your caring role.

What you will learn

  • New ways to use the internet and technologies to enhance your caring skills and knowledge of health conditions like dementia and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • IT and digital skills that will help you make the most of the internet in a safe and secure way from using the computer keyboard and mouse through to developing music and photo skills
  • Find information on the internet on things like medical conditions so that you can tell what is good and reliable information and what isn't