What we can offer

Whether you're looking to learn more about carers and their needs, or explore how technologies can be used to deliver services more effectively, Discover can help tailor an approach to suit your individual requirements.

We have extensive experience of working with local authorities, health sector, voluntary organisations and third sector:

  • Developing skills and providing access to information and advice through use of digital technologies and social media
  • Creating a bespoke package of e-learning materials that your organisation can embed within its own online content
  • Signposting to local services and activities using online crowdsourcing tools, mobile and interactive maps
  • Advising on the use of technology, digital and the internet to strengthen carer services and care provision
Screenshot of the Skills Zone site

The Skills Zone

Are you a Carer looking to find out how technology can make your life easier or help you with what you do? Join the DISCOVER Skills Zone for support in taking those first steps online and developing your skills further.